Content Marketing

Multi-language Content Marketing

Content is the king of the Internet. Having quality content that adapts to the needs of search engines (SEO positioning) is essential in order to appear in the top positions and differentiate from the competition.

We work on creating content that tells stories about your brand and that interest your target audience. As our purpose is to create and distribute valuable and relevant content that is consistent with your brand and that will attract a specific audience with the aim of creating affective relationships between your brand and customers that will generate profitable customer action.

Our Multi-language Content Marketing services include:

  • Research and creation of social media buyer personas
  • Identify platforms that the buyer persona is using
  • Evaluate how competitors perform socially
  • Brainstorm for social media content plan
  • Identify the best type of content for buyer persona engagement
  • Create social media content plan
  • Measure the effectiveness of content reach and engagement metrics
  • English and Spanish content creation